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  • Sighting Date: Thursday, 12 December 2013
  • Sighting Time: 10:30pm

Sighting Description

Saw 2 aircraft of some sort zig zag over I-64 approx. 20 minutes west of Louisville KY. At times they appeared to hover and sometimes traveled with the highway heading west (my direction of travel). Difficult to judge size or height but appeared to be maybe a few hundred feet up and at least 10-20 ft. wingspan (very rough estimate). The only way to tell was the lights. There was a small red light on the tip of each wing with 3 white lights on the bottom of the craft. They were in my field of view for 30-45 minutes then disappeared. One reappeared near the Evansville Indiana exit at approx. midnight. It hovered and when I got out of the car I could hear a faint hum as it hovered nearly directly overhead. Then it very quickly shot off. All of them had the same lighting configuration. No pictures.

Sighting Location

Corydon, IN, United States

Sighting Map

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